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Tall Kettle Pot 

If you would like this teapot, please call our office using the number below or email me at
Tall Kettle Pot - $10.00

My mother took ceramic classes for years and made all sorts of things. She would always tell me about the classes and what she learned. This kettle reminded me of "Crackle Glaze."

At first glance you think the pot is crazed all over. Look closely and you'll see a tight repetitive pattern all over; Yes, it is on the inside as well. This is a specific type of glaze created for a specific look.

The accent boarder design looks like  Bees. I took a close up photo of the top so you could see.  

No Maker's Mark. Lovely Keep or Give Condition - no chips, dings, cracks or crazing. Very lovely color combination. 

Kettle Pot is 7" wide; 6 1/2" to the knob and 8 1/8" to top of handle. 

About the Bee:
Bees represent/symbolize love, sweetness, community, family, and beauty. They also represent communication, mystery, organization, and wisdom. If you identify with Bees it strongly suggests you have a diligent and tireless nature.. The unmistakable selflessness reflected in your character is akin to that of the sacrificial bee who foregoes itself while working towards a common goal.

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