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The first question always is: What do you mean Teapot Rescue?
I search for teapots that have been discarded for one reason or another. I look in Charity Shops, Thrift Stores, Consignment and sometimes in Antique centers. After their wash up I give each teapot, tea cup or tin the promise of opportunity in a home with you.

Followed by: How can you part with these beauties?

I love to share! I want everyone to have at least one teapot of their own. The more I share, the more I can rescue.

My Kitchen Rescue Cabinet (2/14)

If you have any questions, please email me at or phone me using the office number shown below.

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Biscuit Barrel

Q Elizabeth 1



Pierced Saucer

Vintage Set



S& P Shakers

Hand Painted


 Pot w/Trivet

I'm often asked how I can sell Teapots & Tea Cups at such reasonable prices when you found the same thing selling for more in a Tea Shoppe, Antique Center or at on of "those other sites." My selling price is based on what I paid for the item, not on the "market chatter." If I get a great price, I pass it along. Enjoy yourself.

Another question: Why don't you have a Shopping Cart?
I made a decision a long time ago not to have a Shopping Cart. I'm an Old School person who likes to know her customers. Send me your phone number and we'll chat. By the way, I am modern enough to accept credit cards.

By the way...
My Rescued Teapots are sent in a gift box, tied with a bow. These are worthy teapots - and so they arrive to you as such.

Thank you for supporting me with your words of encouragement and your business. I count myself fortunate to serve you with my gifts and talents.  

Grandma Rae

Teapot Rescue and TEAtitudes are divisions of Grandma Rae LLC DBA, PO Box 155, Hibernia, NJ 07842 Phone: 973.664.0986