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* It's important to remember the prices given in any of these books are current to the time of printing. Nevertheless, all other information is both helpful and interesting.

Hall China, Tea and Coffee Pots
The First 100 Years
Authors: Gary & Paula Barnebey
Copyright 2005, ISBN # 0-7643-2196-X

I have found this book as well as any of the Schiffer books very helpful. It has the history of Hall China, hallmarks with their date of use and excellent color photos of the pots along with issue dates, production runs and other helpful information when available. If you are a Hall Collector, this book will prove helpful for you.

Collector's Encyclopedia of 
Stangl Dinnerware
Author: Robert C. Runge, Jr
Copyright 2009, No ISBN # shown on flap

A New Jersey Pottery and I live in New Jersey. Of course I purchased this book. If you are a collector of Stangl, you'll find this helpful. The history of the company and its relationship with other American Pottery businesses is very interesting.

Homer Lauglin, A Giant Among Dishes
1873 - 1939
Author: Jo Cunningham
Copyright 1998, ISBN # 0-7643-0417-8

Homer Lauglin turned his hand at both crockery pieces such as Fiesta and also fine bone china. He was an American treasure and his pieces are easily picked by their shape and design. This is a wonderfully informative book. I love it!

Teapots by Design, A Collector's Catalogue
Author: Unjeria C. Jackson, MD
Copyright 2006, No ISBN # 0-7643-2325-3

The author is an OB from Mendham, New Jersey. Of course I love this book. She's a Jersey Girl! The book is an beautiful eclectic collection of teapots. The color folios are crisp, showing the wonderful details of each pot. It's a wonderful browse as well as informative book for the collector. A joy.

TEAPOTS, The Collector's Guide to Selecting, Identifying and Displaying New and Vintage Teapots
Author: Tina M. Carter
Copyright 1995, ISBN # 1-56138-257-1

If you are beginning to collect, this is a wonderful book. It has crisp color folios, good information about the different types of pots as well as pottery houses. I enjoy having this book because of the variety of pots, its eclectic collection for display.

Pictorial Guide of
Pottery & Porcelain Marks
Author: Chad Lage
Copyright 2004, No ISBN # is shown on flap

I find this book very helpful because it has both color photos of the piece and its Hallmark. Most photos are accompanied by the use date of the marks because as you know, pottery houses sometimes changed their marks. Those of you who collect Hall pottery can attest to this. Most of the marks are English and European. 

Encyclopaedia of
British Pottery and Porcelain Marks
Author: Geoffrey A. Godden, F.R.S.A.
Copyright 1964, ISBN # 0-257-65782-7

Mr. Godden is an authority on English pieces having written many books and guides. If you are interested in collecting English pieces this book will be helpful in your quest. While this book is wonderfully complete it is a bit difficult to plow through because of his cataloguing style. All pix are either black and white hand drawings or photos. No color folios. Helpful dating information.

Warman's American Pottery and Porcelain
Authors: Susan and Al Bagdade
Copyright 1994, ISBN # 0-87069-693-9

Alphabetically arranged, black and white photos, old pricing; Nevertheless, excellent historical information. It's interesting to read about the creation and mergers of the different American pottery houses.  

Kovels' New Dictionary of Marks
Authors: Ralph & Terry Kovel
Copyright 1986, ISBN # 0-517-55914-5

This is one of many books this duo authored. Black and white photos. Extensive cataloging of marks plus intricate information about dating English pieces. Each mark has production dates with it. I haven't spent too much time in this book but I can see it will be helpful when I get the time to sit with a cup of tea.  

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