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About Types of Teapot - Function or Whimsical

My husband Rich says that teapots are inexpensive forms of art. Whether they are nestled in a curio cabinet, displayed on a shelf or proudly pouring tea, teapots are functional beauty and we have the joy to collect and use them. 

Functional Beauty - something beautiful (or whimsical) that is meant to be used. Teapots (unlike their cousin the kettle) were meant to be used to brew and pour tea. Their functionality of form is basic; their beauty of embellishment or turn of whimsicality comes from their maker. Some teapots are so beautiful or whimsical that they earn a place on a shelf to be admired and avoid damage. Others may (in our eyes) be equally precious but are carefully used on the tea table. As you build your collection, YOU decide which teapot stays on the shelf and which goes to the table.

Function Only Teapot
This is the one you grab every day. You wouldn't think of keeping it on the shelf because you love USING it every day. This teapot may have a ding in it but you don't care because you love it so much. Could this be a whimsical or over the top beautiful teapot? Yes. YOU are the one making the designation of use; whether it be display collector's shelf or tea table, you are the ultimate decision maker on the place the teapot holds in your home. 

Beautiful and Functional Teapot
This is the teapot that is displayed in a curio and then brought out for teatime with friends. You are very careful with this teapot - you cringe at the thought of dinging the spout or lid. More than likely you hand wash this one to insure it stays as beautiful as when you found it. 

Whimsical and Functional Teapot
Ditto reasoning as about - except instead these teapots may have a bit of nostalgia or make you smile or have a wonderful story to tell.

Whimsical or Beautiful non-Functional Teapot
These are the teapots you cherish and don't want to use. Perhaps because of age, maker, sentiment or fragile condition. These teapots are enjoyed with eyes only.

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