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Lovely Stangl Teapot

Large Stangl Teapot  - $12.00

Soft gray color is easy on the eyes. The large mouth makes a perfect Grab-a-Bag Pot. Fill with an assortment of tea bags and put on the counter for when friends stop by or on a casual tea table. 

This pot is in Wonderful Condition; No chips, dings, cracks or crazing. It's hefty pottery, not light weight ceramic or porcelain.

Stamped Maker's Mark shown below. 

Pot is 10" spout to handle turn, 6" tall.

If you would like to have this teapot, please call our office using the number below or email me at

Found on the Stangle Pottery site. I like to know the Where and When of teapot manufacturers but because I live here in New Jersey I thought I'd print a bit:

Stangl Pottery begun by Samuel Hill in 1814 in Flemington, New Jersey and was known as Hill Pottery.  Hill was a utilitarian potter (drain pipes & storage crocks) from local red earthenware clay. By the 1860s, the company had been acquired by Abram Fulper, who added products primarily stoneware, rather than earthenware.

By 1900, the company was Fulper Pottery Co and in 1910, Martin Stangl was hired to develop new Fulper Pottery shapes and glazes.  Production continued in the original Flemington factory until the 1920s when expansion added a small factory in Flemington and a large facility in Trenton. By 1924, Martin Stangl was vice president of the company. He was responsible for the introduction of America's first open stock solid-color dinnerware. The original factory burned in 1929 so production moved to the other two facilities. 

In 1935, production was ceased at the small remaining Flemington location and that building was utilized solely as a retail showroom. Thru '30s through 1978, Stangl's Flemington Outlet showroom was a keenly popular tourist destination. The Stangl Outlet as an integral part of many road trips.

By November 1978, Stangl Pottery ceased manufacturing and closed forever.

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