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Rescue this Blue Fish Little Teapot

If you like this Beauty, please call our office number below or email me at
Blue Koi Teapot - $10.00

If Dr. Seuss were here he would say, "One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish." And here is our Blue Fish Rescue.

No chips, dings, cracks or crazing...just a lovely fish. I tried my best to give you a view of all sides of the pot. Wonderful. I found some lore online and put it at the bottom of the page.

Maker's Mark is a bit worn.

This teapot is 8"  from mouth to curved tail and just under 4" to the top of its fin. For me, it's a shelf sitter. I haven't filled it.

Koi Folklore: Meaning attributes of Koi fish.

Perseverance and power
Good luck and blessed fortune

In East Asian culture, the colors of koi fish represent different qualities pertaining to strength, ambition and dedication. Black koi represent the overcoming of obstacles, red koi represent love, blue koi represent propagation and family, and gold koi represent wealth and success. Additionally, koi exist in less common colors or combinations of colors, bearing meanings that are open to individual interpretation

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