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Let's have tea!
Wedgwood Teapot

Wedgwood Teapot  - $8.00

We found this in our favorite Hospital Thrift Shop. I think one of two things may have happened. Either this was donated from a Gift Shop OR it was someone's gift who didn't appreciate Wedgwood or this design. As you can see, the label is still on the bottom. Yes, this is in Excellent (Perhaps Brand New) Keep or Give Condition. 

Maker's Mark in last photo. 

This teapot is 9 1/2" from spout tip  to turn of handle and just under 7" to the knob.

Use as a serving pot or if you'd like for either tea or coffee. Very pretty.

If you would like to purchase this teapot, please call our office using the number below or email me at Grandma@GrandmaRae.com

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