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Teapot with Metal Cozy Cover

Teapot with Metal Cozy Cover  - $9.00

I purchased this thinking, "One day I'll stencil a design on the cover." One day hasn't come. Perhaps you would like to do that OR perhaps you like it just the way it is. 

The felt on the inside of the metal dome is whistle clean. Perhaps a shop keeper donated this to the Trinity Shop. The inventory sticker is still on it and the price sticker is mostly off.    

Maker's Mark in last photo. 

The teapot is 8 3/4" from spout tip  to side of bowl and 5 1/2" to the knob on the cover. The teapot itself is just a smidge of 4" tall. 

If you would like to purchase this pot, please call our office using the number below or email me at Grandma@GrandmaRae.com

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