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H. Wain & Sons Vintage Teapot

H. Wain & Sons Vintage Teapot - $15.00

Called Melbaware, this charmer was made in the 1950's by H. Wain & Sons pottery. It's wonderful! I lovely the cabbage leaf look as well as the bold colors.  

This teapot is in wonderful condition considering it's age. As you can see from the photos, it has dusty dirt in its creases from being on the shelf. I don't like to hard scrub. However, if you're game...use a Q-Tip and Tidy-Up.

No chips or dings. The gold that is used in the decoration is in fine condition. There is a tiny bit of orange peel crazing. It's a wonderful pot.

"Melbaware" impressed on the bottom with the ware in smaller letters in the swoop of the "M" along with the stamped Mark.

Teapot is 9" from spout tip to handle turn and  6" to the wonderful flower knob. How cute!

If you would like to purchase this teapot, please call our office using the number below or email me at Grandma@GrandmaRae.com

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