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Biscuit Barrel with a Story

Biscuit Barrel with a Story  - $17.75

I found this lovely at Scranberry Coop. I was browsing and the booth vendor was putting this on the shelf. She began telling me about all the Masonic Symbols; and to think I liked it because it was a crock!

I think the Biscuit Barrel is lovely. I really like the layout of the design, one side painted with color and the other side with the simple crock wash. She told me about the symbols until my head was spinning. I noted a few below.

Yes, the rattan handle is gone. Carry with the knobs as I do (I have a few BB's without handles) or have another handle made. I think they are fine without.

Lovely Vintage Keep or Give Condition - no chips, dings with a the expected crazing of age.

No Maker's Mark. 

This teapot is 6 1/2" wide, adding the carrying knobs it is 8 1/2" wide and it 
is 7 1/2" to the top knob. 

If you would like this Biscuit Barrel, please call our office using the number below or email me at Grandma@GrandmaRae.com

A time for learning - face side

A time for learning - reverse side

Lid with Symbols

Scholar's Hat

Acacia Tree

Hand of Friendship

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