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About Types of Teapot - Antique or New-tique

The usual, common definition of Antique is anything over 100 years old. In light of the age of our civilization, I think 100 years is rather young! I often see Art Deco pieces or pieces from the '40's labeled antique - plus 50 years. If you are a serious collector, you're perhaps offended by this sliding scale of definition. I know it offends me. At this writing I'm 67 years old. I don't consider myself an antique! 

Whenever you are in an Antique Shop - especially one with stratospheric prices - the rule is Cavaet Emptor - Buyer Beware. I don't care how many sweet treats and tea they serve you while you shop. Because I am not an expert, I realize I don't have the skill to discern nuance of Maker's Marks and could be fooled by a fraudulent piece. My addendum to the rule when I'm in an Antique shop is this: Purchase only what I like for the price that makes ME happy. If it doesn't make me happy, I walk away. No matter how beautiful the teapot - walk away!

VINTAGE (New-tique):
For some reason Vintage has a more specific timeline - at least from 1989 or earlier. You math experts have already figured out that Vintage can bump up against Antique. Vintage is more often used for clothing or toys, although I have seen tableware described this way. When looking at a piece marked Vintage, apply my basic rule: Purchase only what you like for the price that makes you happy.

COLLECTIBLE (New-tique):
Most often you will see Collectible tagged as Vintage Collectible. Adds to the confusion. It should be tagged: Charmingly Old, please take this home. This group can be ANYTHING the buyer or the seller believes is worth collecting regardless of its age. When in this category of teapots, apply my rule: Purchase only what you like for the price that makes you happy.

If I have offended anyone with my offhanded remarks, I'm sorry. For me the joy of collecting is about the FIND of an object that pleases me and will make me smile when I look at it or use it. That, dear ones, is why I rescue teapots. After I enjoy them, I want others to do the same. For the most part, my teapots are online for pretty close to my purchase price. I'm passing along the joy.

Collections reflect the Collector's Personality. As you can see from this site, I'm eccentric and like to collect what pleases me at the time. This scattered approach works for me but might not work for you.

Collections can be singular reflecting a particular Maker Design/time period. 
 Royal Doulton Old Leeds Sprays. Stephanie collects this pattern and has asked for help. The Quest is fun because it will take me to new places. Frustrating because once I get there, the pieces may be damaged beyond purchase. 

Collecting Teapots and Tableware is whimsical and historical; it's practical and at times hysterical; as mentioned the quest is fun and frustrating - but always worthwhile. The journey is about knowledge and understanding: in all your getting, get knowledge and understanding. 

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